Man Goes Blind In One Eye After Powerful Orgasm

Doctors uncovered a tiny hemorage, that was obsuring his vision, and they believed occured during orgasm. Watch and download teen hot shorts hot porn teen hot shorts pics and get to mobile.

This guy had such a powerful orgasm he went blind

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A guy went temporarily blind after having a strong orgasm

As it turns out, he had gone blind in one eye after having what he described as vigorous sexual intercourse.

Man goes blind in one eye after enjoying massive orgasm

The man went to the hospital after waking up with vision problems and admitted to doctors that hed had vigorous sexual intercourse the night before. The doctor concluded that the man performed the valsalva maneuver, meaning that he tensed his abdominal muscles and held his breath during sex. Can you really go blind after a powerful orgasm.

Man goes blind in one eye after powerful orgasm following vigorous sex

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You're the perfect body for porn mom, with those nice tits of yours. A man went partially blind in one eye after vigorous sex caused him to orgasm too hard, according to a medical journal.

What happens to your brain when you have sex

People do some weird things right when theyre about to orgasm.

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Vigorous, intense sex can cause the bursting of blood vessels as can any extreme activity and if that happens in your eye, it can cause sight damage. If you have a super strong orgasm, you can go blind. XXX hardcore in school porn pictures.

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